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MyTileMural -About Us

Home of the finest kitchen backsplash tile - tile murals - tile art and accent tiles on the WEB


Company Profile

We are an imaging company, transferring gallery art images to tiles to make these beautiful works available to you, our customers. We create these tile products in any size and will work with you to ensure that you are always completely happy from the beginning of the project to the end with the spaces you wish to beautify.

We work with individuals, designers, contractors, and architects.


Our Mission

For 14 years we have been driven to make the best products in the world using the best professional artists' work we can find. We are obsessed with delighting our customers in every interaction as well as through our products. We are committed to giving you what you want, and the customer service you deserve. We want you to have a happy experience with us from the beginning of your project to the end!

We don’t just say it…WE MEAN IT.

The Birth of MyTileMural

From Ms. Whitley G. ColtonCo-owner/Co-Founder/Art Director,
Welcome! I am thrilled to bring you what I feel is some of the world’s most beautiful, creative, whimsical, and awe inspiring artwork on tile! This has truly been a continuing labor of love for me.
As a child I grew up near Washington, D.C. and The National Gallery of Art. It was a place of such grandeur & beauty to me. When other children were buying candy in the gift shop, I was buying as many art postcards as I could afford, to tack to my bedroom wall! I would gaze for hours at those magnificent works of art. I learned to appreciate the different genres of beauty in all their different mediums. Oils, watercolors, or pastels. Each provoked a different feeling. Told a different story, took me to a different place. Even if only for a few moments; it made me feel so good to look at such beauty and even back then, I wanted to share those feelings with as many people as I could.

 Mini background:Fast forward to 1999. Due to an accident, I was unable to continue my work as a Real Estate agent. I thought long and hard about what I could do that would involve something I could be passionate about. Well, since I’ve always loved art and I truly admire artists and I wanted to be creative. I’d look for something in that direction (so what if I couldn’t even draw a stick man!)
I had the chance for a new beginning, so I took it! How scary but how exciting!

Thus, the company was born! We created this company to promote some of these most amazing contemporary artists as well as the ever popular Masters on a medium most had never seen. We understood at the time that buying anything on the Internet was was a very new concept at the time but what a great way to reach people. I wanted people all over the world to see what we had to offer (not just folks in my neighborhood) so, we forged ahead with just a few artists. It took a while for people to find us, but once they did, wow! We heard, and continue to hear, the same thing over and over again, “We’ve looked everywhere for tiles like yours.” “There’s nothing like the art you’re offering anywhere! Thank you!” And, I’m even happier to say, they feel even better once their murals arrive! And we hear it from all over the world. (seems buying on the Internet caught on in a big way!)
With such a wonderful response, I have spent years looking on the Internet, going to galleries, art shows, and taking submissions to find as much artwork as possible to offer our customers. It took two years to collect some of the artwork on these new sites and to create accent tiles some of them; but it was worth it! I am truly excited about our selections.
After years of addressing many of the same questions and concerns of our mybacksplash.com guests, we feel we have been able to anticipate and answer most of what comes up on these new websites.  I believe you will see we have succeeded in our FAQ area. However, if YOU have a question we haven’t answered, please fill out our feedback form or telephone us so we can make you feel comfortable, improve our sites, or assist you with placing your order. We understand some people may be reluctant or nervous about venturing into the world of ordering online. We want you satisfied with your visit…so let us help wherever we can.
We can assure you, after 14 successful years, our clients are happy clients; so many have referred us to their family and friends and have also become repeat clients. We feel that’s the best commercial we could ever have!
From start to finish we do everything possible to make sure your experience with us is a great one. Hey…we want you back…not to mention your friends and family!
From all of us here, we thank you for taking the time to see what we have to offer. We look forward to creating a masterpiece for your home or business that you can appreciate for years and years to come.
Have FUN and ENJOY!


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Any questions, or to order, call us (888) 904-9769

or write us a question/comment HERE

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