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MyTileMural - How to use our site instructions

Are you looking for that unique, special…”I just love it, I’ve just got to have that!” tile mural to go into your home or work space? Instead of that, “Been there done that” picture hanging on every wall? Are you ready to be creative and different?

We’ve made it easy to order. Simply read through the this page and follow the easy steps to place your order or, simply begin by searching for a theme of the artwork you want, or a particular artist from our Tile Mural search. Look over a variety of Tile Mural Designs and Ideas on our design page to capture concepts. If you are unsure of anything, just complete the Tile Mural Questions? form or give us a call… we’ll get back to you directly with assistance.

We look forward to creating the PERFECT tile mural for your special space for that tile mural!

How to Use Our Site to your best advantage:

We have done our best to provide a Website for all different type of users, users who do everything online to novices. You choose, do everything online, or call us - whichever is easiest for you. The only thing you cannot do via this website is finalize you order and pay. Because we custom create all of our products, we want to speak with you to insure everything is correct before finalizing your order. For that, fill out the order form online, and we will call you, or simply call us.

How to proceed:

Measure the space you have available for a Tile Mural. Review some ideas for these Tile Mural applications from our "Tile Mural Ideas - Designs - Pictures" page to get ideas on how other Customers have used our products. Use the Tile Mural Search page to narrow the selection of artwork you want. Using the Themes search will give you artwork that fits a style or look you want. If you know a particular artist you love, use the Artist search to view all artwork from that artist. If you are looking for a specific piece of art, you can enter that in the Title Search to see that one piece. Please be aware, for the Title Search, just enter the title of the artwork you wish to find, or if you are not sure of the complete Title, just enter part of what you remember. e.g entering 'vin' will return any title with 'vin' in it at all. Or if you want to see all Titles with 'Wine' in it, you can enter use a wildcard to find those. (Quotation marks are not required.) If you are looking for artwork that has a specific element in it (e.g. bikes), you can use the Keyword search. Please note, capitalization is not required.

Select the artwork you love, keeping in mind the shape of the space you have available. Ensure the image is the same basic shape (don't worry about size) as the space you are trying to fill.

Select any complimenting accent tiles to go with your artwork.

Write down the names of your artwork, and the codes for your accent tiles.

Select the tile type and finish you want on your mural and accents. (See our “Tile Mural Materials” page for helpful information)

Go to the “Tile Mural Order” page, and complete the form. We will contact you within 24 hours Monday through Friday.

Please provide us with your feedback by visiting our “Feedback” page.


Resources available to help you:

Not sure what you want, or where to find it? Use our “Tile Mural Search” page, review our FAQ’s, look over the Tile Mural Designs Ideas page for concepts or send us a question at any time via the “Tile Mural Questions” page. Want Something Special? See our “Special Services” page or ask us via the “Tile Mural Questions?” page. Want to see what our Customers think, and how they have used our products? Review the “Customer Comments” page.

We do not want you to get frustrated at any point in this process. If you need to speak to a person, call us at (888) 904-9769 hours of operation 9-5 EST Monday-Friday.

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Any questions, or to order, call us (888) 904-9769

or write us a question/comment HERE

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