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MyTileMural Submitting Artwork

Become a VALUED ARTIST with us!

You can either:

We will contact you ASAP with our decision. Please give it at least 1-2 weeks as we have projects that we have to take care and other submissions to review.
Note: Our contracts are for two (2) years starting on the date your contract is signed.

**Important: If we license your art, we require exclusive rights to be the only company to produce your images on tile for: murals, accent tiles, (perhaps 9x12 tiles and perhaps floor tiles. We’ll let you know about those at signing). All artwork will be used by 407/Creations, Inc. worldwide and may not be used by any other company for the same use. **Important to know: We do not own the rights to your artwork for any other use.

We pay a good commission based on our retail price not a wholesale price. So that’s more money in our artists’ pockets. That’s a good thing!
For any further questions, please contact our Art Director: Whitley Colton - Whitley.Colton@yahoo.com


Artwork Requirements:
Before you sign a contract with us… We do require a signed affidavit saying that the artwork you are providing us is indeed yours or, one saying you have permission to use the artwork you are providing. We have the forms for you here to start this process.
After a contract is signed, we will require hi res files (minimum 8x10 300 dpi), or other media (such as transparencies, slides or anything with a good clear image that we can scan to create a digital file… You need to have a print that you can give us so that we have something for color matching the tiles when we go to print. (Even if it’s a Xerox print…that’s ok…as long as you are happy with the colors!).

Our mailing address is: (please do not send property you wish to have returned unless you send a self- addressed return envelope.)
Ms. Whitley G. Colton/Art Director
8260 Vico Ct., Unit C
Sarasota, FL  34240

Email: whitley.colton@yahoo.com

When emailing me your artwork: Please do not send really large files for review (something around 6x4 72 dpi is sufficient) – However, please do not send very small images where you cannot see details. Thank you.

Thank you for your submissions. Hopefully we’ll be welcoming you to our family of artists very, very soon! If not, please don’t be discouraged, it just means you weren’t the right fit for us on tile. Keep on doing what you’re doing! Art is a beautiful thing and needs to be SHARED in all different mediums!

To ALL artists everywhere…

“We love you and appreciate all your varied talents
We are blessed with the beauty you bestow
How incredibly lucky all of us are with you that decide to share.
Keep marching to your drum, keep fulfilling your dreams
Even when no one is watching
The heart is in process and growing to its  heights,
As it soars to magnificence and wonder
 This spirit it will take you so far
To the reaches of the universe… the light of your gifts will shine…
Asking only that you keep on reaching, outward and inward
 Into the forever you have been and ever shall be
BE that light that beacons so bright
Be that star…that you know…in your heart of hearts…that you are.

                                                                                                  (w.g. colton –June 2013


Ms. Whitley G. Colton
Art Director and Co-Owner


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Any questions, or to order, call us (888) 904-9769

or write us a question/comment HERE

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